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Unlock Your Full Potential with Holistic Care

We believe in optimizing human performance through a holistic approach to wellness. Led by Dr. Jermaine Ware, a former two-sport athlete for Indiana University, our integration of chiropractic care, functional medicine, nutrition, and body work to empower you to reach your optimal potential, whether you’re an athlete striving for peak performance or someone recovering from an automobile accident.

Dr Jermaine Ware, DC, CCWP, CFMP

Our Approach

We understand that true wellness extends beyond the absence of symptoms. The body is sick or not functioning for two reasons: toxicity or deficiency. Our goal is to provide the body with purity and provide sufficient amount of what it is lacking.  That’s why we take a comprehensive approach to your health, addressing the root causes of your concerns rather than just masking them with temporary solutions. Through personalized care plans tailored to your unique needs, we aim to optimize your body’s innate ability to heal and thrive.

High Quality

We take a goal-oriented approach to healing. Whatever your goals might be we want to help you achieve them

Patient Care

We’ll provide hands-on treatment in the office and education you can take home with you, enabling you to become an active participant in your recovery and future physical health.

Professional Service

Our five physical therapists have a combined 120 years of clinical experience and a shared passion for helping our community stay active.