1Adjusting the Adult client
Weather it is whiplash, lower back pain, shoulder pain, headaches or neck pain Dr. Ware has an approach that addresses your concerns. Dr. Ware's style of adjusting is specific and each adjustment is tailored to how your body responds neurologically.
2Adjusting the Athletic client
Adjusting athletes is very similar to adjusting other clients Dr. Ware works with, although many times there is an added soft tissue component. While it would be ideal for athletes to come in consistently in order to maintain a high level of performance not all do. Sometimes athletes show up when they are in pain or injured and often times we utilize soft tissue techniques to aid in their recovery.
3Adjusting the Pregnant client
Pregnancy is a beautiful time filled with changes, especially physical changes. It is common for the pregnant client to have a great deal of pain in the hips and lower back due to the weight of the baby in addition to a widening of the hips. Dr. Ware has had additional training to help pregnant clients including aiding in turning breech positions utilizing the Websters technique.
4Adjusting the Pediatric client
Adjusting children is different than adjusting adults. Many parents are surprised at how light force the adjusting is of infants, toddlers and young children. Children often respond quickly to adjustments due to fact that they do not have years of battling a condition.

1Why Chiropractic and Massage?
Massage works great with chiropractic and in many cases helps to speed the healing time of clients. With chiropractic focusing more on the nervous system, our massage therapist have the opportunity to address issues in the soft tissue that maybe related to or causing pain in the body.
2Crainial Sacral Therapy
A light touch form of massage, a therapy that focuses on enhancing the parasympathetic system of the body. Many people utilize this method to help with: PTSD, ADHD, Pain, Stress, Anxiety and other issues our culture would typically medicate a person for. We have a registered specialist on our team in Tere.
3Theraputic Massage
There are a lot of massage techniques that range from light touch to deep tissue. Theraputic massage is utilized to help facilitate healing in the body. While the goal of most massage is relaxation, our therapist focus on helping the body heal.
4Meet Our Therapist
All our massage therapist are capable of performing your common relaxation massages. We wanted to highlight their specialties because not all therapist have specialized skills in areas. Rebecca - Specializes in therapeutic massage and extremities. Tere - Specializes in Cranial Sacral Therapy. Hanna - Specializes in Deep Tissue

Our philosophy is to, metaphorically, "teach our clients to fish" as oppose to feeding you a fish. We believe its more important for our clients to understand why they are making the food choices they are than to tell them which choices to make. Our goal is to empower you with information and equip you the ability to utilize the information.
2Weight Loss
Our weight loss program is more like a weight release program, because you don't want to lose it only to find it again, you want to release it never to be found again. This goes along with our nutrition program when it comes to learning how your body responds to certain foods and creating a nutrient rich system of eating for yourself. We often start this process with a cleanse to allow for the body to reset itself and provide you with the opportunity to evaluate what you are experiencing when you reintroduce certain foods into your eating habits.

1Fitness / Exercise / Rehab
Sparx Athletic Refinery is our primary partner in helping clients get fit and in some cases rehabilitate with exercises.
Jan Hoss is our preferred counselor for children and adults. Because we are a holistic lifestyle center we cover all the areas of the health quotient.
3Payment Solutions
We accept most major insurances and auto insurance claims. In the event a person is not insured we have several options. We are part of discount medical plan that is available to your entire family. This plan allows us to reduce our rates to make care even more affordable. We also accept Care Credit, a healthcare credit card that offers zero percent interest plans.