Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice, Wayne Gretzky, Brianna Theisen-Eaton, Michelle Carter, Tiger Woods and a host of other athletes utilize chiropractic to consistently perform at a high level, to stay involved in their sport longer and recover faster from competitions.

How is this possible?  Chiropractic is about making sure the brain and body are communicating and functioning at 100%.  Imagine if your brain- body communication was just a little slower than your opponents.  A nerve impulse travels at about 270 mph, if yours could only get up to 250 mph would you ever be capable of keeping up? Probably not, everything they do would be happening faster.

On the other side, what if your body can’t communicate to your brain about its location in space.  Would you be able to connect with the ball on your golf, tennis, baseball or softball swing?  Would you be able to run as fast not knowing when you are contacting the ground?  How about your jump shot or dribbling a soccer ball?

At HEROH chiropractic we utilize technology that provides us with insight to how your body is functioning on multiple levels.  We can assess how you are recovering from your training, where there may be extra stress in your nervous system, which muscles may potential become injured and other information that athletes may find useful.

Dr. Ware is a student of optimizing human performance.  One of the areas he found to be lacking with a lot of athletes is nutrition.  Below you will find his Nutrition Secrets for Athletes guide.  This guide is a free download, click the link below.  We look forward to working with you.