Women who have struggled with infertility have often been surprised when the impossible became possible, they were able to conceive due to  proper nervous system function. The focus of chiropractic is to allow the body to function properly.

Once conception has taken place the mother is going to undergo multiple changes physically and emotionally.  The health of a mother is vital to a healthy pregnancy.  Because of the physical and emotional changes, her nervous system needs to be able to adapt.

Some of the physical changes:

Poor Posture – due to the extra weight often leading to back pain.

Pelvic Imbalance – constricting the uterus and potentially causing a breech

birth due to intrauterine constraint.

Breech Baby – when the child is not head down Dr. Ware has been certified in the Webster technique for several years. This is a gentle technique of adjusting that allows for the baby to turn in the womb.

Improved labor – a majority of chiropractic clients report having shorter labor times and fewer difficulties with their pregnancy.