Ice, Snow and Auto Injury

Ice, Snow and Auto Injury

Ice, Snow and Auto Injury

Bad weather can bring about bad situations.  If you have been around Indianapolis lately I’m sure you have seen a lot of auto accidents.  Some due to weather conditions, others due to poor decisions by drivers.  If you are involved in an auto accident, no matter how small you believe it to be, do you know your body’s warning signs of injury?

Everyday motorist around the state of Indiana and people in the cities of Fishers, Noblesville, Carmel and Indianapolis are either involved in or know of someone who has been involved in an auto accident.  Unfortunately, most of the people who’ve been blessed to survive an auto accident don’t always address potential injuries.  Auto accidents that occur at speeds under 10 mph are enough to cause significant damage to ligaments and soft tissue in the body.  However, a lot of people feel like fender benders or minor accidents are not enough to warrant a visit to a chiropractor.  The most common scenario related to auto accidents goes as follows:

You are driving home from work in rush hour traffic.  The SUV in front of you stops suddenly, you  slam on the breaks and stop just before hitting the SUV.  Unfortunately, the vehicle behind you doesn’t react quickly enough and hits you from behind.  You receive a significant jolt during the collision.  Your head jerks backwards and then forward during the collision.  Immediately following the accident you feel somewhat dazed and have some pain and tightness in your neck.  In the next few hours you start to develop a headache.  You end up at the hospital, they perform a brief examination and x-rays, the x-rays reveal no broken bones.  The hospital gives  a prescription for muscle relaxers and pain pills, tells you nothing is broken and that you will be sore for a few days. 

A majority of people take the “nothing is broken” diagnosis as a sign of being ok, you may not of broken anything but reset assure you messed a few things up.  I hear a very similar scenario all too often from my clients that see me for migraines, fibromyalgia and severe neck pain.  They believed they were fine, but the traumatic even of the accident has created a chronic condition.  In an auto accident the head moves at a force of 10G’s in less than .25 seconds, that’s enough to cause a serious whiplash injury.  To put it in perspective, at 10G’s that’s your neck moving at the same speed required to make the whip cracking sound.  The energy forces to the head and neck in an auto accident have been measured at 2 1/2 times more than the force impacting the vehicle.  This is known as the magnification of acceleration.

A hospital ER is designed for treating serious emergency health situations.  If a patient is not bleeding profusely, does not have any broken bones or life threatening injuries the ER is not the place for them.  When there are no fractures on the x-rays there can be significant damage to supportive soft tissue, structure and instability in joints, especially the spinal vertebra.  If these damaged vertebra, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves are not diagnosed and treated they can cause significant pain and problems now and in the future.  Muscle relaxants and pain pills are designed to give relief of pain temporarily.  They do not fix the problem, they just help the patient cope with it.

Your best option is to have yourself evaluated by a chiropractor.  In our officer we utilizes technology that allows us to provide you with a perspective on the damages that may be underlying due to the accident.  In a perfect world, you would get evaluated within 72 hours of the accident enabling you to have the fastest recovery.  However, in most cases this does not happen although you have up to a year to seek medical care under your personal injury protection component of your auto coverage. Consider this, in 72 hours after an accident you would have: filled a police report, informed your insurance company, picked an auto body repair shop and obtained a rental car if necessary.  You only get one body, what are you doing to repair it?

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