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Working with athletes and facing family members with health challenges is what brought Dr. Jermaine Ware into the world of chiropractic.  As a collegiate athlete at Indiana University Dr. Ware gained a respect for the human body and how it performs at its peak on a consistent basis. After years of research Dr. Jermaine Ware developed the health quotient.  A unique approach to addressing health from a holistic perspective, one outlined in his book Elements 4 Optimal Health. Dr. ware founded HEROH Chiropractic on the principle of Helping Everyone Reach Optimal Health.  This has grown into our mission of optimizing human performance, be it helping a child develop to their full potential, an athlete perform at their best or an adult obtain optimal health.



Olympic athletes, NFL players and other professional athletes utilize chiropractic to help them perform their best.


Pregnancy is a unique experience for a woman full of physical changes.  Sometimes these changes present cause discomfort in various areas of the body.


Most people are surprised by the benefits that infants and children receive from chiropractic care.


Neck pain and misalignment’s of the bones in the neck can often contribute to headaches, migraines, pain and lack of motion in your neck.


Low back pain can really slow life down.  Back pain can present as sharp shooting pain, sciatic pain even a constant ache.


Accidents happen and when they do there is a chance you may have an injury.  Collisions at low speeds are enough to cause injury to the spine.


  • "Fantastic-o! Getting adjusted scares me but I went to him when I couldn't bend to the left... few taps with his cool metal gadget a good nights rest and I was back at it.  Thanks. Dr. Ware!"
  • "Love Dr. Ware!!! He always has a zen like calm about him that I wish I could bottle up and take with me everywhere.  Before my first visit I'd had a pain in my neck and shoulder ........after 2 visits I left feeling better and never had the pain again."
  • "Dr Ware has changed my life. There was a time when I had accepted pain as a part of my daily routine and thought I would have to live with it for the rest of my life. With Dr Ware's help, health has improved drastically."
  • "Dr. Ware is careful, thorough, knowledgeable, and has a healing approach."
    Sarah E
  • "I was in so much pain when I first came to Dr. Ware and he is absolutely amazing!"
    Edith W

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